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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another Seminar!

8th June 2009


Second week of internship; pretty much like last week, when it comes for Monday, the office will be almost empty, everybody went outstation, even the boss was absent.

However we were told that there is a seminar held at Impiana KLCC Hotel & Spa, and since we did not yet have any job or task, the secretary had asked us to go to the seminar. The three of us did not go alone, we asked our friend from other departments, Zaim, Bai and Syazwan to join us. The seminar was held by METSO and was attended by various companies such as PCSB, VCO, Emerson, etc. Again, I was not really interested in most of the presentations ( valve technology), and as usual (for me la) the best part of the event is meal time, haha. The foods are marvelous and much better than Holiday Inn Shah Alam.

That’s all for today. Hoping for a better tomorrow..

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Spending 1st Weekend

6th June 2009


Weekends proved to be a great solace and remedy to troubled minds and tired body (tired la sgt..huhu). The first week’s weekend started earlier on Friday as yesterday was declared as public holiday in federal territory due to the YDP Agong’s birthday. Weekend is nice enough to recover any aches of your body, so sleeping a lot and wake up late the following morning would be one of the ways to achieve that.

It was quite a nice experience though to spend weekend in our humble hovel, spending time making our breakfast and dinner together, eating and sleeping at the same place (namely the guest area), watching roughly two movies continuously after dinner until mid night, all in all a very nice experience for me. I wish I could savor the moment…

Today we went downtown of KL, spending half of the day at Mid Valley. There are 7 of us, 3 are my housemate Kimi, Gg and me while the rest are my other fellow UTPians. We actually planned to watch the blockbuster Terminator Salvation, but it appeared to be impossible looking at the long que lines for the ticket. The same thing goes when we went to the bowling center. While we did nothing there, just hanged around and a normal window-to-window shopping, we actually had a nice time there.

So plan for tomorrow? Hehe..its secret.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Instrumentation & Control Technology Day

4th June 2009


Here goes the report of the 2009 Instrumentation and Control Technology Day, held in Holiday Inn Shah Alam from 2-4 of June 2009.

  • The event was organized by DFIC department and include participants from SKO, PMO, engineers from operation plants such as Angsi and international speakers from Petronas overseas operating units.
  • The three of us, Kimi, Syaji and me, namely the new trainees were not allocated any place in the event, so there is no room reserved for us. Since our participation in the event is an order from En. kamarulzaman himself, the organizing committees have tried their best to accommodate us. Thus, I were to reside with my senior, Ibrahim and a newly engineer (I forgot his name), both of them are Sudanese. Kimi with other 2 seniors, while Syaji decided to go to her house in Shah Alam.
  • That evening, we were to help the committees in registration process of the participants. That night, after officiating ceremony, we were told that there is an extra room due to the absentees of one of the participant. Thus, Kimi and me got our own room. The room I tell you…was awesome, (mind you, it’s a 4 star hotel man!)
  • The next day’s schedule was not really interesting, mostly presentations from engineers. I don’t know, maybe its just me who felt that. The most anticipating activity is meal time, whether it is breakfast/lunch/dinner, it brings such joy and excitement. If I were to indulge my desires, I will not let go any foods/meal served. Hehe what a pathetic.
  • The second’s night dinner was quite interesting. We have a barbeque party held in the swimming pool area. There are a lot of good foods which I never tasted before. I used this time to chit-chat with the engineers, asked them questions and take notes their advices. While having our dinner, we were entertained by the famous nasyid singer, Amar. He performed several magic tricks and sang some of his famous song (my favorite is nurul iman song). I got the chance to shake his hand and take pic with him. Later before the dinner ends, there were lucky draw, and guess what, I was the lucky one. Alhamdulillah..rezeki tu.
  • The last day is the continuity of yesterday’s presentation before the best speaker and best paper are chosen. The event ends with a closing ceremony and another lucky draw. We back to Wangsa Maju, again by LRT. Thanks to Syaji for sending us to the station.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2nd day experience

2nd June 2009


Rather than succumbed our self to the perspirations, we took a cab to the LRT station which has cost the three of us Rm1 each. I guessed it is affordable enough to bear and worth the money.

Today was my second day in office. This time around, they were many engineers turned up; perhaps they just came back from their outstation.We got the chance to meet our boss, Mr. Kamarulzaman. At first look, he was kind of scary person, but then when we talked and chit-chat for almost 2 hours, I found him to be kind and easy to talk with. So childen..moral of the story; never judge a mangosteen by its skin! Haha in fact I found him to have something in common with me; we both like gadgets! He owns a gorgeous Samsung Omnia ( I tell you, that’s my dream phone!!)

I thought earlier before the long discussion, we will be given task or assignment, but they were none. Instead, we were told to attend a 3 days 2 nights technology day which will start tonight. (Actually, Kak Suhaida already informed us yesterday, so its no surprise as we already packed the stuff earlier,hehe).

So after lunch, we departed from KLCC to Kelana Jaya LRT station, then to Holiday Inn Shah Alam. This is our first travel/visit and it’s in the second day of our internship!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

1st day in DFIC, PCSB at KLCC


1st June 2009

Just one word; boring. The first day I was in office was just so bored but all in all it was a whole new experience for me. I will call this part of new experience as ‘prophase’ part. As the name suggests, I was just like a baby born, waiting and learning as much as I could. I am neutral and clean, pretty much like a null canvas. Just that this time I need to decorate it myself, neither the employer nor my parents will do. Today was just particularly an intro towards a new working life although I am still not certain on what are ahead of me, but it is for sure has driven me a lot of anxiety but yet excitement.

Today I woke up early but nobody can beat Syazwan as he woke up as early as 5.30am. I was second. I guessed everybody was really excited for the first day. We dressed and groomed to the smartest ever, everybody with his own brand new clothes, shoes, neck tie, etc. We departed from our humble hovel by 7am, walked approximately 20 minutes before reached the Wangsa Maju LRT station. It felt like you took a morning walk just to drench your formal attire, adding to that, the LRT coach..fuh is like sardine!

Once arrived the KLCC we were asked to get the security pass before we can go in to the tower 1. After getting the pass, we need to go through a thorough scanning of our body and belongings. This is an every day’s normal routine for security purpose. Then we headed to level 40 to attend the briefing. The briefing session was a lil bit draggy and soporific. There were about 104 trainees comprises mostly of UTP students plus of other universities. We were then divided into our respective department. I am in Department of Feasilities Engineering, under Development Division(DD) named as DFIC ( Department of Instrument & Control) with the other two trainees; Kimi and Syaji.

After lunch ( lunch in KLCC is costly), the three of us were taken to a tour in the office by the department’s secretary, Kak Suhaida. We were introduced to the engineers, senior engineers and former trainees, unluckily there are only a few of them, as they were going outstation. We don’t even meet with our boss, namely our supervisor, so we left doing nothing. But I used this time to ask questions to the secretary and the former trainees, namely our senior in UTP; I can tell you that they are very kind and helpful.

And tonight, most of us fall asleep early, perhaps due to the first day’s exhaustlessness..hehe.

Sunday, May 31, 2009



30 may 2009

I guess today has marked another big history in my life; I nailed to K.L for my internship/ practical which will commence starting this coming Monday. Thanks to my supportive family, my mom and dad, and my two sisters who has accompanied me all the way to my new ‘house’ which I will be residing for the next 7 and half months. Haha I just wonder how am I going to lift the bundle luggage without them helping me. The house that I rent with my other 5 buddies is at the second floor. Several times went up and down the stairs make me pancit already.

Tonight I am barely lonely,huhu. There are just three of us in the house currently, the rest will arrive sooner or later. There’s no TV, no internet and I am independently on my own,hehe..its just lonely and empty somewhere deep inside here. Wah feeling siot..but at the same time there is some eagerness and excitement perhaps because this is the first time ever I feel as independent as this. I just hope and pray that things will flow smoothly for me for the rest of the days..

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I love you eternally!

Alhamdulillah, thanks to the Lord, Allah swt for He has given me such a wonderful woman to be my mom.If i were not mistaken, i was born at about 2 months before she celebrated her 33th birthday, and being the first son (and grandson) of the family, i know my mom's struggles and hardships in raising up me and my other two sisters. For her, whatever she did is just for the sake of her children and family.

She's a school teacher, teaching in her mid 50's in a rural school somewhere in Merbok. Every morning , she wakes up as early as 5am, wakes up all of us,drives to school from our house in Sg. Petani (which is a far cry from Merbok), and will only return back at around 5pm, sometimes as late as 7pm. And guess what, she never ever complain and loathed as if she was tired.Sometimes i ponder, how that all the energy came from?

To her, i wish a very Happy Mother's Day. You are the best mom in this world and i love you eternally.I will call her tomorrow, to personally wish her..

-study mode-
-first paper this Monday-

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Exam heat is now on!!

I guess this will be just a short update. Study week is already slated to begin. From today onwards, i will be busy with my studies, hopefully. I just hope to be able to optimized the remaining time that i have before the final takes on, and be able to equip myself as much as i can. Study week is of great solace to troubled minds (yeah, i was terriblely troubled with mountanious works in the previous weeks) , thus i hope i can study in calm and peace.

The exam heat is now on!!!...and i will be activated in the study mode.hahha..

Goodluck Adli!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

So Dangerously Happy

Our silver medal

I was tossing and turning around my bed just now, trying so hard to sleep as tomorrow is the beginning of a new week (the last week of lectures). I guess the routine of sleeping late for the whole past week has really seeped in. Or perhaps i am so dangerously happy that i couldn't get my eyes dozed off.

Alhamdulillah, praise to God the Almigthy Allah swt, the hectic week has finally end. For the past week, I barely have enough sleep..with the asignments, tests and EDX (Engineering Design Exhibition) took place, I could say that I was the busiest man among all. I really need to buy more time!!!!!

Amidst all, i was really grateful that my ETP project was qualified to compete in EDX and guess what, we got a silver medal! Finally all the hardworks are paid off and all of us were really happy though it is just a silver medal. At first, i even doubt whether the project will be qualified for EDX or not. There were too many troubleshootings-sometimes the sensor works, sometimes not, sometimes the PIC burned and i need to re-programmed it, all these has made me really tensed. Luckily enough, the circuit works fine during the presentation in front of the external examiners.

My ETP mates-Odah,Amar,Pidot,Alep,Lai & me

Two days after that, i got an sms from my ETP mate, Lai saying that our project is entering EDX. At first i was like bewildered and spechless, but then smiles teared end-to-end of the ears.haha..but two days before EDX, the circuit did not function again. We figured out that the PIC is burnt. I off to Pasir Putih the following day to find the new one but all shops are closed due to the Sultan's birthday.Damn!!

However, at last we manage to borrow a PIC from the other ETP group. Thanks a lot. We did our best during the competition day. Although it is just a silver, but considering that we never expect to go as far as this, is a big achievement indeed. I am personally very grateful for that.

During the competition day
Our project prototype

Friday, April 24, 2009

Jahanam kau !

My friend send me this pic in friendster. Really shocked man!
Saya mengucap panjang bila tengok gambar ni. Semoga Allah menghancurkan musuh Islam ni. Jahanam kau Israil!

Israel kembali melakukan penghinaan terhadap simbol-simbol Islam. Media massa Israel baru-baru ini melansir foto sarana buang air kecil yang dikeluarkan sebuah perusahaan di Israel, berbentuk perempuan berjilbab.

Jenis tempat buang air kecil ini, menurut media massa Israel sangat laris di pasaran Israel.

Sejumlah sumber seperti dikutip Albawaba menyebutkan bahwa bentuk toilet itu memang diarahkan untuk menghina simbol Islam dan kaum Muslimin. Produk pertamanya berasal dari AS dan diimpor ke Israel. Kini, bentuk toilet seperti ini sangat banyak didapati di Israel.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Proton Exora

Its Exora!
Finally, the newly baby born by Proton has officially hits the market!

To be frank, despite all the bash comments speculated all over the nets, i must say that i really proud to have this new baby from Proton, at least it has proven our capability and ability to produce our own car, starting from designing until production are 100% locally endowed.That should have been a huge achievement. Kudos for Proton!

Monday, April 20, 2009

A crazy and crazy mission

Yesterday was absolutely crazy. We, my friends(Zaim & Syazwan) and me went to K.L to find a rent house for our internship next semester. That night,we made the decision at the very elevanth hours-so, without a careful planning we crawled in the middle of night to the train station in Ipoh.We were so lucky that a shuttle train from Ipoh to KL Sentral was available at 3am. Huhu interesting enough, we just paid Rm10 for the superior class seats.

We arrived approximately before Subuh. and the journey for the hunt first started in Kampung Baru, then to Keramat/Ulu Selangor, later to Wangsa Maju, Salak Selatan and lastly back to Wangsa Maju. On whole, we surveyed three houses. The first one located in Keramat, where for us its a far cry from the KLCC (the place where we will do our practical). Moreover, the access to the nearest LRT station is also a bit far from the location of the house.We need to walk quite far to the bus stop before we can take the bus to the LRT station. I couldn't imagine if someday i were to wake up late-it must be a mess plus nightmare!huh

Then we moved to Salak Selatan. This again. is a far cry from the KLCC but the condition of the house is at least quite ok than the previous one. Its a flat house, located at the 16th level of total 17 levels.The surrounding was not really pleasant, it filled with schoolchildren that could be very annoying especially when they take control the lift service .Actually, the flat was not really near to the LRT station, at least a 10 to 15 minutes walks must be taken. I remembered that time, i sweated a lot walking under the scorching sun, i guess if i were to wear a formal attire on that day, i will be surely completely drenched by the time i reached the house..no way!

The third house is the best of all three.All of us were really satisfied with the condition of the house. Albeit it has only two rooms, but i guess it should comfortably fit in 6 peoples inside it. The interior design for us is beautiful,the colours are well matched.What more,it has a refrigarator,oven and simple furnitures. The surrounding was quite serene.I think, living in this small province here would meet most of our requirement.

Its amazing that with non-stop walking and with little sleep the night before( not more than 3 hours), i still have energy and really determined to fulfil our mission. We spend the rest of the day flirting around the KLCC before we headed back to Ipoh at 9.45pm,again by train.It was a really soporific journey that i found myself slept almost the entire journey..haha

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I miss blogging

It has been a while since I last jot something in this blog. I'm writing here today just to make update so that this blog will keep running as continous as it supposed to be. Actually I got many things to siphon out in here, but it seems that I have to procastinate everything due to the hullaboos workloads i have to face.

Life is so crazy and full of surprises these days. For the past weeks, i barely have time to adjust myself. At times i felt as like, i was not me. In front of people, i might be looked so saccharin sweet(hehe),but behind them i could be the bastard king(oops..i wont disclose that).

I think, its enough for now. I'll be back here soon.

p/s: i'll never do ETP again. The experience so far is just enough

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Say 'hi!'

I miss my home already. Just been back here yesterday and i started to missing back the moment i was at home. One week holidays just proved to be a mere short. These should be enough to explain it all, specifically why do i love my home very much:

1) unlimited internet access-not like in UTP, the internet could be/always irritating

2) various TV channels n programs- huhu i managed to witnessed the last episode of the popular but yet controversial Spa-Q 2 n Sinetron Jelita

3)various food- i can say this is the main activity being at home-aktiviti bina badan. Mom's cooks are always the best.

and all in all is of course you are hassle free from workloads- no assignment,no classes, no meetings, no projects, no mess up things.

Kinda miss the moment. I wish i could savor it..but its gone.Its over.Life will be back to usual,back to back shedule-tight.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

UTP internet

I have successfully transferred all my previous post from friendster blog to here. I just feel free to do this since the internet connection in my home is way tooooo much better than that in UTP.

In UTP whether it is LAN or wireless, both are useless. I dont know what kind of technology UTP is using despite it's name as being a technology university. Google/gmail/gtalk has been pretty disabled, even to load Yahoo homepage takes years. I hope the management can fix this problem very2 soon, if not, what people has been claiming UTP as being Universiti Tenet Pelan is inarguebly correct.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Mid Sem Break finally hits!

The long-awaited mid sem break has finally reached and i'm off to my hometown in Sg Petani. Today, at 11am, i car-pooled in my own CLK (my cute little Kancil) with my other 2 buddies Syazwan and Imran, headed to our hometown. Syazwan and me in Sg Petani and Imran somewhere around Alor Setar. At least this time i was not alone,being accompanied by them, i have friends to chit-chat with, and yeah it was economically wise too. We shared the expenses for the fuels and tolls equally.

Upon reached S.P (around 2.30pm), we nailed to Tesco to perform Solat Qasar and Jama' (yeah, we miss our Friday prayer). After that, Imran was really adamant to have a taste at the Radix Fried Chicken Restaurant a.k.a RFC. So we went there and thanks to Syazwan who has willingly to treat us.Such a yummy and finger lick'in good! huhu

After send Imran to the bus station, I went straight to my home and reached approximately at 4.30pm. Alhamdulillah, what a relief! I felt very2 tired. Initially i planned to have a nice rest in my cosy room, flirting, tossing and turning around the bed, but i was shocked to find out that my room was such in a messy. I couldn't help myself less, i cursed and loathed a lot. It never occured to my mind that i do curse a lot until my sister pointed it out. Hehehe..i'm very sorry for that. Honestly, i dont think the word 'shit' or 'arghh,please la' are offensive, I mean, they are simply functioning as a spontaneous exclamations or verbs under which you are unconscious (simply like melatah la). Albeit tired a lot, i have to force myself to clean and arrange everything back in order. Now it almost finish, and thanks a lot to my sister who has put in some helping hands.

I will wait for tomorrow in anticipating. There are many plans right here in my mind. Can't wait for that!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Memorable Wedding

Weekends usually prove to be schedule-tight. There are always slotted with various events or activity to be attended. Like today, I attended the wedding ceremony of my friend’s brother, abang Ahmad and Kak Dalila which was held near here, the province of Batu Gajah. Thanks to my best friend, Saiful Islam who has invited me to join the event.

It was overall a smooth-flowing occasion with little or no glitches at all. The atmosphere was really endearing. I guess this will be a very memorable moment for both the bridal and the groom as well as me. I enjoy and learn immersely from this wedding ( yeah, I’m preparing myself to get married soon! haha adli belajaq dulu… ).

During the akad nikah

The occasion started earlier last night (on Friday) with the solemnization of marriage (akad nikah) ceremony. I was there too, not to just witness the akad nikah, but also to learn the procedure and how to manage yourself during the akad. I even made myself a copy of video of that ceremony, so that I can refer back whenever suitable. I must praise Abang Ahmad for his cool and relax expression although I knew he was kind of ‘cuak’ when one of the witnesses asked him to repeat the akad. I couldn’t imagine if I were to be in his shoes, I must be mumbling or even speechless at that time. I guess I should rehearse from now on..(hearsays, is it too early? haha).

Today, the ceremony began merely at 1pm. The entourage of the groom side (including me) arrived at approximately 12.30. We were then enthralled by kompang before we headed to the dais for bersanding ceremony. I can’t really witness the ceremony as there were too many people. It was way too hot and humid, I sweated a lot. Meanwhile at the same time my stomach started to play its keroncong song, so I went out and served myself under the canopy.

Baba reciting the doa

Islam and me

On whole, for me this ceremony has proven me that my friendship with Saiful Islam is very special. In fact, we are not just a best friend, we are more than that-validately, there’s no term to describe that, simply special. I know his family very well- mama,baba,kak raihan,abg ahmad,kak syaimak and basmath. I feel as I am part of their big family. They treat me very well. Mama even asked me to be her menantu…’sniff’ damn! I already gave excuse and I hoped mama was not serious, haha.

From left: Basmath,Kak Raihan and her malaysian-egyptian-australian little baby,Laila & Mama

the newly weds-at the dias

I wish Abang Ahmad and Kak Dalila all the best for the marriage tenure. Congratulation!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Salam Maulidur Rasul

Salam Maulidur Rasul, i bid to all Muslim. May all of us get benefited in this blessed day.Today, the fateful 9th March 2009, or 12th Rabi Al-Awwal 1430 is the birthday of our Prophet Muhammad.It's also the day where we lost our beloved prophet.

Alhamdulillah, segala puja dan puji hanya bagi Allah Yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang, yang telah mengutus hamba dan rasul-Nya : Muhammad; sebagai pembawa rahmatan lil a'lamin. Selawat dan salam atas junjungan kita : Nabi Muhammad dan keluarganya, serta para sahabatnya yang setia dan mengikuti jejaknya.

Hari ini saya tidak ingin berbicara mengenai hukum menganjurkan Sambutan Maulidur Rasul ini,kerana sememangnya terdapat pelbagai pendapat dlm hal sebegini. Dewasa ini kita melihat kebangkitan para reformis Islam yg ghairah memperjuangkan Islam tetapi pendekatan yg digunakan adalah tidak kena. Kadang2 kita bercakaran sesama sendiri hanya dek kekhilafan para ulama.Kdg2 juga politik dicampur-adukkan.Dlm hal ini, pemikiran kita haruslah tidak statik dan rigid. Sy bukanlah org yg pandai ttg hukum hakam, tetapi sy berpendpt sesuatu yg mendatangkan kebaikan haruslah digalakkan(of course must in line with the syariah).

On the other hand, yesterday i went to Ipoh to get some stuffs and on my way back i stop at Jaya Jusco a.k.a JJ. To ponder with, what has itchingly made me curious is to see that there are so many people hanged at Mc Donald. So, where has the spirit of boycotting US- or Israel-related products gone? I guess its a typical for Malaysian,'hangat-hangat tahi ayam'. As for my personel struggle, i still in the mood of boycotting those products. It's a serious note, i was so angry back then. Israel with its all diplomatic influence has been terrorized Palestine mercilessly(for almost a month) and the USA without compassion bestowed the blessing! More than 1000 palestinians were killed and guess what not more than 10 Israils got killed!

McD at JJ yesterday

How would U feel if this little girl is ur own sister or daughter?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Morning workout

along the jogging pathway

I took a morning walk to UTP main lake today.It feels great to work out myself. Sometimes a simple workout can be alleviating. Dont be too restraint.Anyway,the atmosphere was so serene and pleasing. I heard birds' singing and chirping merrily. I saw plants swaying and swirling gracefully. I felt the wind touched and careressed my skin smoothly. Perfect morning i guess. This somehow has made me reminiscing back the old days i was at village 1. The atmosphere was perfect pretty much like today. I remembered, i was alone in the room ( in fact, i stayed alone, i dont hv roommate). Being a lonely me, i then started to write something and later posted it in my Friendster blog. Here goes the words...(i posted it back here)

Pagi nirmala yang damai…tatkala mata begitu lena dalam tidur yang pulas,
aku terjaga dari ulitan mimpi yang indah.perlahan,aku mencapai jam di sisi..
dalam temaram cahaya lampu meja,aku melihat….ah,baru pukul 5 pagi!aku
cuba untuk tidur semula,tetapi usaha yang sia-sia..kepayahan yang kembali
membawa aku ke alam akademi fantasia,huhu..dari suram kamar sepi,aku
mengintai tabir ke luar jendela..dan aku hanya berbicara sendirian,mujur
roomate aku tak ada..mengapa pagi yang damai terasa bahangnya?sunyi itu
sepi tetapi kedamaiannya bukanlah keindahan..sang bulan dan sang bintang
menghilang entah kemana.mengapa di kala aku ingin mengagumi keindahan
kalian,kalian sepi mendiam diri??atau adakah mungkin cuma kalian berasa
janggal,lantas malu untuk bersapa denganku??tolonglah,aku memerlukan
teman bual bicara..semalam rayuanku kepada sang angin tidak
dipedulikan.ah..sombongnya kau wahai sang angin,tetapi aku akan terus
menanti,kerana aku pencinta yang setia.haaaaah…ihsan aku melepaskan
nafas.berat,tetapi amat mudah dan lancar untuk aku menghembuskannya.
inilah hakikat perasaanku..jika cinta dan kasih sayang adalah abadi dan
keabadian,ia akan kekal merentas masa.jika ia adalah kebenaran dan keikhlasan,
ia akan terus mekar menjalar…malam makin menjengah pagi, dan sang matahari
yang pengecut bakal muncul sebentar lagi.maka aku harus memperkemas diri…
aku terus menanti

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I guess my name is unique

My name is Muhd Adli Fazrin bin Ab Mutalib..

Today, out of boredom i googled my own name thru net.What a surprise there! There were about 463 000 searches alone for 'adli'.Pretty though then i realized my name is somewhat commercialed. These days there hardly can be found a person with similar name as mine. I remebered last time during my school days,i'm the only one who hold that name for 5 consecutive years.Then i entered UTP and there was one guy who's name as mine.His name is Adli Syah.I was so happy then we somehow bonded as friend.But there was not long, he got an offer to further his studies in medic and there goes where we departed.

Back then, among the popular faces that came out in the results were Nik Adli, the godson of Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat and Kamal Adli,the current rising star in our film industry ( he cast in siri 'Renjis' in astro).Huhu, i wish i could find my faces in the search but there was none. How pathetic!

Nik Adli Nik Aziz

Kamal Adli

Nevertheles,i somewhat proud off when i came across a fiction story book at Popular last year. The title is 'Adli di Alam Fantasi' narrated by Hanita Hassan. Haha i was like freaked out when i saw the book and was adamant to buy it. Unluckily, i dont have enuf cash that time.But nevermind, i will get that for sure one day.

Adli Di Alam Fantasi?

Next entry: to hopefully put in my second name, Fazrin

Savoring these moments

I've came to my second entry finally

So far Alhamdulillah, praise to God the Almighty for given me peaceful time to at last feel free and relax at least at this moment.I wish i could savor this moment forever after,perhaps. The week has been pretty hectic,with back-to-back schedule of classes,mountainous assignment,tutorials and lab reports as well as tests,you name it, you cant even help yourself but to just go with the flow.No offence...


As far as i am concerned, i'm pretty adoptable with all these. Yes, at some times, life can be crazy and full of suprises but watever happened,all that make us a better human, i guess personally. Never did i loathe my life as being a student, i live my life,i enjoy it.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Switching Official Blog! officiated

Assalamualaikum n good day
i officiate this blog with Bismillahirrahmanirraahim..

i think i've kinda like to adapt this blog as my official blog from now on. b4, i was used to write out things in Friendster Blog but eversince the application isn't that really good, i decide to change. i was skeptical to use other blog domain b4 as i was not into blogging thingy very much. now that at some times i might get emotionally turbulence and need to write in out comfortably.writing in Friendster blog is not a good idea as some people (esp my former schoolmates) might get insulted if they read what i'm to siphon out, at least that is what i guess.

Writing in here, i'm ready to let it go and anticipating for more.
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