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Monday, April 20, 2009

A crazy and crazy mission

Yesterday was absolutely crazy. We, my friends(Zaim & Syazwan) and me went to K.L to find a rent house for our internship next semester. That night,we made the decision at the very elevanth hours-so, without a careful planning we crawled in the middle of night to the train station in Ipoh.We were so lucky that a shuttle train from Ipoh to KL Sentral was available at 3am. Huhu interesting enough, we just paid Rm10 for the superior class seats.

We arrived approximately before Subuh. and the journey for the hunt first started in Kampung Baru, then to Keramat/Ulu Selangor, later to Wangsa Maju, Salak Selatan and lastly back to Wangsa Maju. On whole, we surveyed three houses. The first one located in Keramat, where for us its a far cry from the KLCC (the place where we will do our practical). Moreover, the access to the nearest LRT station is also a bit far from the location of the house.We need to walk quite far to the bus stop before we can take the bus to the LRT station. I couldn't imagine if someday i were to wake up late-it must be a mess plus nightmare!huh

Then we moved to Salak Selatan. This again. is a far cry from the KLCC but the condition of the house is at least quite ok than the previous one. Its a flat house, located at the 16th level of total 17 levels.The surrounding was not really pleasant, it filled with schoolchildren that could be very annoying especially when they take control the lift service .Actually, the flat was not really near to the LRT station, at least a 10 to 15 minutes walks must be taken. I remembered that time, i sweated a lot walking under the scorching sun, i guess if i were to wear a formal attire on that day, i will be surely completely drenched by the time i reached the house..no way!

The third house is the best of all three.All of us were really satisfied with the condition of the house. Albeit it has only two rooms, but i guess it should comfortably fit in 6 peoples inside it. The interior design for us is beautiful,the colours are well matched.What more,it has a refrigarator,oven and simple furnitures. The surrounding was quite serene.I think, living in this small province here would meet most of our requirement.

Its amazing that with non-stop walking and with little sleep the night before( not more than 3 hours), i still have energy and really determined to fulfil our mission. We spend the rest of the day flirting around the KLCC before we headed back to Ipoh at 9.45pm,again by train.It was a really soporific journey that i found myself slept almost the entire journey..haha


Fara said...
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Fara said...

nape padam?

BillyNain said...

u provoke me girl!

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