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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2nd day experience

2nd June 2009


Rather than succumbed our self to the perspirations, we took a cab to the LRT station which has cost the three of us Rm1 each. I guessed it is affordable enough to bear and worth the money.

Today was my second day in office. This time around, they were many engineers turned up; perhaps they just came back from their outstation.We got the chance to meet our boss, Mr. Kamarulzaman. At first look, he was kind of scary person, but then when we talked and chit-chat for almost 2 hours, I found him to be kind and easy to talk with. So childen..moral of the story; never judge a mangosteen by its skin! Haha in fact I found him to have something in common with me; we both like gadgets! He owns a gorgeous Samsung Omnia ( I tell you, that’s my dream phone!!)

I thought earlier before the long discussion, we will be given task or assignment, but they were none. Instead, we were told to attend a 3 days 2 nights technology day which will start tonight. (Actually, Kak Suhaida already informed us yesterday, so its no surprise as we already packed the stuff earlier,hehe).

So after lunch, we departed from KLCC to Kelana Jaya LRT station, then to Holiday Inn Shah Alam. This is our first travel/visit and it’s in the second day of our internship!!!


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Internship tu LI kn?

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