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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pasukan Pilihan Juara Piala Dunia 2010

I've never been a fan of football. Not that i hate football, but it just me who is not kind of person who love sport.But please dont get me wrong here, i still enjoy play tenis and squash okey..

Being an always pathetic 'kaki bangku', football is considered as nightmare for me..yeah, truth is, i remembered during my school days, where i was forced by my PJK's teacher to play football, i never kick a ball for the entire match!! What i did was, when the ball came to me, i will run away from it, when i saw people running heading for the ball, i will also run along with them....just pretending as if i want to kick the ball!!! Hahaha..

That was a story of about 7 years ago...albeit i'm still a pethethic 'kaki bangku', at least now, when people ask me to play football or futsal, i will not run away when the ball comes to me. My friends once said to me, when the ball comes to you, you just kick the ball!! And...that is what i did. I managed to score two goals in that match! That was my huge achievement in football..ha3

Now, with the FIFA world cup 2010 has start its kick in South Africa, i guess the spirit, enthusiasm and fever that the people around the world has now, had somehow seeped in my nerve as well. Still 'resist' to love football, but it will never stop me from being a part of the 'world fever'.

I have my own choice-lists for the team that might be the winner; my strong faith and instinct tells me, it might be one of the following 5 teams:

1) Brazil

2) Italy

3) South Korea

4) Netherland

5) France

Lets see the answer 3 weeks from now!!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cinta Semanis Coklat

Kalau baca tajuk kat atas tu,

memang dengar macam best.

Tapi takde pape pun...

just nak share gambar coklat and cookies bentuk 'love' dekat bawah nie...

patutkah cinta digambarkan seperti gambar2 di atas?

jika ya...alangkah indah dan sedapnya...kau yang bernama cinta

mode:jiwang lepas tengok citer korea


(picture courtesy: unknown)

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