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Friday, March 20, 2009

Mid Sem Break finally hits!

The long-awaited mid sem break has finally reached and i'm off to my hometown in Sg Petani. Today, at 11am, i car-pooled in my own CLK (my cute little Kancil) with my other 2 buddies Syazwan and Imran, headed to our hometown. Syazwan and me in Sg Petani and Imran somewhere around Alor Setar. At least this time i was not alone,being accompanied by them, i have friends to chit-chat with, and yeah it was economically wise too. We shared the expenses for the fuels and tolls equally.

Upon reached S.P (around 2.30pm), we nailed to Tesco to perform Solat Qasar and Jama' (yeah, we miss our Friday prayer). After that, Imran was really adamant to have a taste at the Radix Fried Chicken Restaurant a.k.a RFC. So we went there and thanks to Syazwan who has willingly to treat us.Such a yummy and finger lick'in good! huhu

After send Imran to the bus station, I went straight to my home and reached approximately at 4.30pm. Alhamdulillah, what a relief! I felt very2 tired. Initially i planned to have a nice rest in my cosy room, flirting, tossing and turning around the bed, but i was shocked to find out that my room was such in a messy. I couldn't help myself less, i cursed and loathed a lot. It never occured to my mind that i do curse a lot until my sister pointed it out. Hehehe..i'm very sorry for that. Honestly, i dont think the word 'shit' or 'arghh,please la' are offensive, I mean, they are simply functioning as a spontaneous exclamations or verbs under which you are unconscious (simply like melatah la). Albeit tired a lot, i have to force myself to clean and arrange everything back in order. Now it almost finish, and thanks a lot to my sister who has put in some helping hands.

I will wait for tomorrow in anticipating. There are many plans right here in my mind. Can't wait for that!


Fara said...

wah plan ape tu?

LeFtEnEn said...

kim salam kt syazu ngn imran
awat ag x post gmbaq depa skali

Malique said...

sama gak
kim salam kt mat syazu n mat ganja

BillyNain said...

sory everyone for the late reply
i was busy with my hols
now back in utp, the internet is like hell
nk update blog pon xbley

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