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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

1st day in DFIC, PCSB at KLCC


1st June 2009

Just one word; boring. The first day I was in office was just so bored but all in all it was a whole new experience for me. I will call this part of new experience as ‘prophase’ part. As the name suggests, I was just like a baby born, waiting and learning as much as I could. I am neutral and clean, pretty much like a null canvas. Just that this time I need to decorate it myself, neither the employer nor my parents will do. Today was just particularly an intro towards a new working life although I am still not certain on what are ahead of me, but it is for sure has driven me a lot of anxiety but yet excitement.

Today I woke up early but nobody can beat Syazwan as he woke up as early as 5.30am. I was second. I guessed everybody was really excited for the first day. We dressed and groomed to the smartest ever, everybody with his own brand new clothes, shoes, neck tie, etc. We departed from our humble hovel by 7am, walked approximately 20 minutes before reached the Wangsa Maju LRT station. It felt like you took a morning walk just to drench your formal attire, adding to that, the LRT coach..fuh is like sardine!

Once arrived the KLCC we were asked to get the security pass before we can go in to the tower 1. After getting the pass, we need to go through a thorough scanning of our body and belongings. This is an every day’s normal routine for security purpose. Then we headed to level 40 to attend the briefing. The briefing session was a lil bit draggy and soporific. There were about 104 trainees comprises mostly of UTP students plus of other universities. We were then divided into our respective department. I am in Department of Feasilities Engineering, under Development Division(DD) named as DFIC ( Department of Instrument & Control) with the other two trainees; Kimi and Syaji.

After lunch ( lunch in KLCC is costly), the three of us were taken to a tour in the office by the department’s secretary, Kak Suhaida. We were introduced to the engineers, senior engineers and former trainees, unluckily there are only a few of them, as they were going outstation. We don’t even meet with our boss, namely our supervisor, so we left doing nothing. But I used this time to ask questions to the secretary and the former trainees, namely our senior in UTP; I can tell you that they are very kind and helpful.

And tonight, most of us fall asleep early, perhaps due to the first day’s exhaustlessness..hehe.


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