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Saturday, March 7, 2009

I guess my name is unique

My name is Muhd Adli Fazrin bin Ab Mutalib..

Today, out of boredom i googled my own name thru net.What a surprise there! There were about 463 000 searches alone for 'adli'.Pretty though then i realized my name is somewhat commercialed. These days there hardly can be found a person with similar name as mine. I remebered last time during my school days,i'm the only one who hold that name for 5 consecutive years.Then i entered UTP and there was one guy who's name as mine.His name is Adli Syah.I was so happy then we somehow bonded as friend.But there was not long, he got an offer to further his studies in medic and there goes where we departed.

Back then, among the popular faces that came out in the results were Nik Adli, the godson of Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat and Kamal Adli,the current rising star in our film industry ( he cast in siri 'Renjis' in astro).Huhu, i wish i could find my faces in the search but there was none. How pathetic!

Nik Adli Nik Aziz

Kamal Adli

Nevertheles,i somewhat proud off when i came across a fiction story book at Popular last year. The title is 'Adli di Alam Fantasi' narrated by Hanita Hassan. Haha i was like freaked out when i saw the book and was adamant to buy it. Unluckily, i dont have enuf cash that time.But nevermind, i will get that for sure one day.

Adli Di Alam Fantasi?

Next entry: to hopefully put in my second name, Fazrin


Nadia Izzaty said...

igt lg..my senior masa kat sek ren dulu pun nama Adli jgk.
bkn dia sorg, adik beradik laki dia suma start dgn nama adli, adli alimi, adli azimi, n adli2 lain.
mmg unik nama adli ni..klw xsilap, maksudnya keadilanku, kan?
semoga ur name mencerminkan ur peribadi.
In sya Allah. =)

BillyNain said...

Nadia Izzati: inshaallah sy berhrp utk mampu
menjadi seorg yg adil dlm segala
hal.time kasih atas doa anda

Aishah said...

Nice entry of a nice story!

LeFtEnEn said...

i envy you. i am very unfortunate to share the same name with 6 other friends in my batch.the only means to differentiate btw us is to calling us by our fathers' name,not by our own name

BillyNain said...

Aishah: thank you. i appreciate that

LeFtEnEn: you are fortunate enough.that's how your name is unique in its own way

Fara said...

lawak ar post ni

Noor Liana Johari said...

salam incik
unik kot nme kamu neh
ssh gak nk jmpe
kamu tau x
ade kete suzuki nme liana
kte baru je tau

BillyNain said...

Fara: thanks

Noor Liana Johari: huh? wow bgusnya..sgt unik ur name

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