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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Memorable Wedding

Weekends usually prove to be schedule-tight. There are always slotted with various events or activity to be attended. Like today, I attended the wedding ceremony of my friend’s brother, abang Ahmad and Kak Dalila which was held near here, the province of Batu Gajah. Thanks to my best friend, Saiful Islam who has invited me to join the event.

It was overall a smooth-flowing occasion with little or no glitches at all. The atmosphere was really endearing. I guess this will be a very memorable moment for both the bridal and the groom as well as me. I enjoy and learn immersely from this wedding ( yeah, I’m preparing myself to get married soon! haha adli belajaq dulu… ).

During the akad nikah

The occasion started earlier last night (on Friday) with the solemnization of marriage (akad nikah) ceremony. I was there too, not to just witness the akad nikah, but also to learn the procedure and how to manage yourself during the akad. I even made myself a copy of video of that ceremony, so that I can refer back whenever suitable. I must praise Abang Ahmad for his cool and relax expression although I knew he was kind of ‘cuak’ when one of the witnesses asked him to repeat the akad. I couldn’t imagine if I were to be in his shoes, I must be mumbling or even speechless at that time. I guess I should rehearse from now on..(hearsays, is it too early? haha).

Today, the ceremony began merely at 1pm. The entourage of the groom side (including me) arrived at approximately 12.30. We were then enthralled by kompang before we headed to the dais for bersanding ceremony. I can’t really witness the ceremony as there were too many people. It was way too hot and humid, I sweated a lot. Meanwhile at the same time my stomach started to play its keroncong song, so I went out and served myself under the canopy.

Baba reciting the doa

Islam and me

On whole, for me this ceremony has proven me that my friendship with Saiful Islam is very special. In fact, we are not just a best friend, we are more than that-validately, there’s no term to describe that, simply special. I know his family very well- mama,baba,kak raihan,abg ahmad,kak syaimak and basmath. I feel as I am part of their big family. They treat me very well. Mama even asked me to be her menantu…’sniff’ damn! I already gave excuse and I hoped mama was not serious, haha.

From left: Basmath,Kak Raihan and her malaysian-egyptian-australian little baby,Laila & Mama

the newly weds-at the dias

I wish Abang Ahmad and Kak Dalila all the best for the marriage tenure. Congratulation!


LeFtEnEn said...

wah adli
aku dah kata
ang makin maju
tu ah xpcya ag

Fara said...

Huh..lame tak update blog?,skali kuar citer pasal kawin.hahaha

Anonymous said...
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BillyNain said...
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BillyNain said...

i'm very sory for the late reply.for several days i ve bn pretty disconnected frm internet.the connection here in utp was very bad.anyway

LeFtEnEn: hahaha.apa hang dok merapu nie..waduh2

Marimosa: huh really? i know people call him as Arab.in fact he is a mix btw malay n egypt

Fara: hehehe

Anonymous: ya the baby is very cute

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