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Sunday, May 31, 2009



30 may 2009

I guess today has marked another big history in my life; I nailed to K.L for my internship/ practical which will commence starting this coming Monday. Thanks to my supportive family, my mom and dad, and my two sisters who has accompanied me all the way to my new ‘house’ which I will be residing for the next 7 and half months. Haha I just wonder how am I going to lift the bundle luggage without them helping me. The house that I rent with my other 5 buddies is at the second floor. Several times went up and down the stairs make me pancit already.

Tonight I am barely lonely,huhu. There are just three of us in the house currently, the rest will arrive sooner or later. There’s no TV, no internet and I am independently on my own,hehe..its just lonely and empty somewhere deep inside here. Wah feeling siot..but at the same time there is some eagerness and excitement perhaps because this is the first time ever I feel as independent as this. I just hope and pray that things will flow smoothly for me for the rest of the days..


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