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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I miss blogging

It has been a while since I last jot something in this blog. I'm writing here today just to make update so that this blog will keep running as continous as it supposed to be. Actually I got many things to siphon out in here, but it seems that I have to procastinate everything due to the hullaboos workloads i have to face.

Life is so crazy and full of surprises these days. For the past weeks, i barely have time to adjust myself. At times i felt as like, i was not me. In front of people, i might be looked so saccharin sweet(hehe),but behind them i could be the bastard king(oops..i wont disclose that).

I think, its enough for now. I'll be back here soon.

p/s: i'll never do ETP again. The experience so far is just enough


Fara said...

awak ni ada double faces ker?

BillyNain said...

yer kot..sometimes,i think not only me,but most of us will be like that,double faces-but jgn jd hipokrit.huhu

Fara said...

ye..stuju ngn awak
but just x sgka org cm awak pn ada prngai cm ni ek

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