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Saturday, March 28, 2009


Say 'hi!'

I miss my home already. Just been back here yesterday and i started to missing back the moment i was at home. One week holidays just proved to be a mere short. These should be enough to explain it all, specifically why do i love my home very much:

1) unlimited internet access-not like in UTP, the internet could be/always irritating

2) various TV channels n programs- huhu i managed to witnessed the last episode of the popular but yet controversial Spa-Q 2 n Sinetron Jelita

3)various food- i can say this is the main activity being at home-aktiviti bina badan. Mom's cooks are always the best.

and all in all is of course you are hassle free from workloads- no assignment,no classes, no meetings, no projects, no mess up things.

Kinda miss the moment. I wish i could savor it..but its gone.Its over.Life will be back to usual,back to back shedule-tight.


Noor Liana Johari said...

baru balik da homesick
org yg da bpe bln x balik ni
rilek je pon

BillyNain said...

mane puas cuti skjap ja
rindu my family

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