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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Trully Memorable Jan'06 Batch Dinner

Lately, i'm leading a hectic life with so many tests, projects, assignments and presentation need to be done in just a single week (for those who are taking control, as their major; you know that).With a topsy turfy life like that, an anticipating weekend will be of a great solace and remedy to the troubled mind and tired body.

I was fortunate to be able to attend the Jan '06 Batch Dinner which was held on the fateful 8 May 2010, a day before the mother's day commemorates.

It was a simple but nice occasion with only little glitches (my comment is only reserved for the inadequate and limited choice of food) to be remembered for the whole of my life. It was a good reminiscence of those good old days the first time i step my foot in UTP with all these happening people in my batch; the week where all of us gathered in the Minggu Aluan Siswa. And tonight, after roughly 4 years, we gathered again, before all of us graduated at this finale year. A night which will be cemented in my album's memory.

The real attraction of attending this dinner is not because of the event but more towards meeting friends and take pictures as many as you can! Being able to meet again for the last time after 4 years, there are so may things to be recalled, so many memories; sweet intertwines with bittersweet.

On whole, it was a very nostalgic event for me. For those who dunno ( maybe nobody knows), I was actually cried at the end of the event. Truly nostalgic (,").



deenazainal said...

ape theme dinner korg???

BillyNain said...

theme black and white...tp ramai ja yg tak mengikut tema

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