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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gua Tempurung Outing

What a day!

That's what i could say...A day filled with joy, lethargic, and immense satisfaction spent with some of my EE friends, a day i would treasure in my memory forever.

On this fateful day (yesterday), some 17 of my course-mate friends, car-pooled together in 4 cars (including mine, my very own CLK) headed to Gua Tempurung for our first ever get-together adventure. The event was overall an exciting experience for me and for all of us (since we are all final year now), as this was an opportunity to mingle and further bond rapport among us.

I'm not in the mood of telling the story. Pictures are better speak for it.

On whole, it was a nice breakaway from the daily hectic schedule and pamper myself with my friends. And certainly after this, after all of us graduated, i am pretty sure this is the memory that i am about to reminisce back after sometimes.

I wish i could savor the moment.


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