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Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm back!!

You guys hear that, i'm back !!! Hahaha

the still not much different UTP

I never thought i will do this again, and yet i still dont believe that i actually still doing this. I talk about bogging lho...If you look my previous posts, you will find that the last post was somewhere in June 2009 and that is 8 past months already! If were to be a pregnant woman, i should be delivering my baby already. Haha damn!

Well, now that i'm back in the scorching hot UTP, still trying hard (?) to revert back to the student life. I'm a final year student now.

Does that sound cool? Hmm...

-sekarang ni dh jrg2 jemaah dkt masjid/surau


Fara said...

welcome back!!!!

BillyNain said...


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